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Maximising Iron & Driver Sales in 2022

Foremost Golf Business Development Consultant Manager, Ian Melham, has five different areas to support your hardware sales this season.

Ensure you highlight your hardware supplier offering

Showcase your fitting proposition
It’s absolutely essential that you market your offering across your digital platforms. Your proposition needs to be at the forefront of customers’ minds when they are in the market for new golf clubs. Golfers are not short on options to buy equipment, so make it clear that for service, value, advice and after-sales, they must choose you. These platforms include: website, newsletter, social media and YouTube. Within these platforms you should highlight all the phases you undertake to make sure that customers get the correct clubs for their game. This would include: launch monitor technology, fitting equipment (Inc. loft and lie machines), fitting components and brands you fit.

Establish your customer’s needs
Get to know your customer prior to them arriving. The simplest way to do this would be to attach a pre-fitting questionnaire on a booking confirmation email. The questions types could include: bad shots, previous injuries and expectations for their new clubs. This will ultimately give you a better understanding on their: brand preferences, budget, current clubs and ability, whilst also identifying opportunities for additional sales and generally adding a professionalism to the experience.

Always be the expert
Customers can’t be more knowledgeable than you! Give each member of staff a key driver and set of irons to research. They can then present the features and benefits to the team in a staff meeting. Regular presentations on product will ensure a well-informed team of experts that sound slick and natural when talking to customers. Take advantage of ‘Brand Product & Fitting Training’ sessions from your ‘Retail & Marketing’ group and your suppliers.

A professional studio ambience will help increase bookings and sales

Provide a strong after-sales service
It’s important after an iron or driver fitting to follow up with your customer so you can complete the experience. A post fitting email is a nice touch and can generate loyalty. The email could contain: the clubs they have been fitted for, the cost and expected delivery date and an overall ‘thank you’. To complete the experience we would recommend inviting your customer back in with their clubs 4-6 weeks after collection to make sure they are happy with their purchase. To complete the experience one year on look to follow-up with a re-grip offer which will double-up as a prompt for further customer contact and sales opportunities.

Utilise effective imagery to highlight your expertise

Create enticing events
People are far more likely to spend money when attending an event, as opposed to just being in their everyday ‘golf mode’. These event types could include: driver fitting evenings, 10 yard challenges, dispersion competitions and gapping sessions. These events will create an excitement and theatre around new equipment. It also provides a further opportunity to highlight your expert service and technology.

Promote your supporting technology across your digital platforms

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