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Are you maximising equipment opportunities mid-season?

David Murch, Business Development Consultant at Foremost Golf discusses the importance of capitalising on equipment sales mid-season when the footfall traffic and demand are much higher. It’s all about making hay while the sun shines. With the season now in full swing, it’s essential that retailers are putting their best ...

How the Pro Shop and golf club can work together for membership retention

Stuart Kerr, Business Development Consultant at Foremost Golf, discusses the importance of the professional shop and golf club working together to optimise membership retention. The first and most important point within this article is the word ‘TEAM’. The word ‘team’ can be broken down further into the following: Together Everyone Achieves More It’s crucial that ...

How many club members are shopping with you?

Charlie Hartley Business Development Consultant at Foremost Golf discusses the percentage of club members that are shopping at their club pro shop and tackles the reasons as to why some are going elsewhere. At Foremost we conducted a customer survey in late 2023 on behalf of our member retailers and ...