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Established in 1984, Foremost is the UK’s largest Golf Retail Group.

More than 1,000 ‘on-course’ retailers utilise the group’s array of industry leading support services, helping to improve all aspects of their business.

Recognising the importance of the role of the modern-day club Professional, all of Foremost’s business, retail and marketing solutions are designed to help members save time, become more profitable and enjoy a successful career.

It pays to be a member

If your combined annual purchases are more than £48k you will receive an additional Retrospective Bonus in addition to those available from individual suppliers. Last year the combined bonus paid to Foremost members was more than £300,000.

Every Foremost Member can become a shareholder and help steer the company (all shareholders have a single vote) and enjoy a healthy return which has averaged over 12% since the scheme started in 2004.

Best Buying Terms with the leading suppliers in the industry

Foremost’s strong working relationships with the leading suppliers and service providers in the industry means that members have access to best buying terms, exclusive campaigns and promotions to help them become more profitable.

However, being a member of Foremost is not only about best buying terms.

Members can opt to benefit from Foremost’s UNIQUE Central Payment Service 

Nothing is more important in a professional business than time and money. The Foremost Central Payment service frees up vital time and allows members to have a greater control of their finances.

Foremost Central Payment takes the hassle out of business transactions thanks to a centralised, consolidated invoicing system. Bookkeeping is reduced to 24 invoices a year with only six VAT invoices per quarter, freeing up more time to spend on other important roles performed by the Golf Professional.

A dedicated Account Manager in Foremost’s Central Administration Team ensures you receive the very best service and support.

Order one-off items with Foremost’s Singles Service

Ever been asked for a specific product and not had it in stock?

Order single items from group Suppliers* using the unique central ordering and distribution solution offered by the Foremost Singles Service.

The ability to supply your members and customers with any product from Foremost’s Approved Suppliers will help improve your service and reputation.

* Some exclusions apply

An Ecommerce solution to benefit all members

The Foremostgolf.com ‘Click & Collect’ Ecommerce site has been created to give members a competitive online presence. Member Professionals can now offer their customers a product line-up as extensive as the high street, with the site operating as an extension of the Professional’s store.

Why Click & Collect?

  • Allowing Golf Pro’s to compete online without the associated costs.
  • Incremental income – commission paid on all online orders.
  • Don’t lose the sale! Offer customers the convenience of online shopping when the Pro Store is closed.
  • Direct online traffic into the Pro Store.
  • Giving customers more choice.





EMP logo

Elite Marketing
Programme (EMP)

The UK & Ireland's leading
 fully integrated golf marketing programme. 

Foremost’s Elite Marketing Programme is universally recognised as golf’s leading digital retail and marketing programme. The programme co-ordinates marketing for its members from the inbox, social media and website right into their retail shop.

The sophisticated EMP back-end systems mean that members in-store ‘EMP Video’ screens are cleverly populated with their retail campaigns and product launch details from brands that they stock along with full signage support.


What Our Members Are Saying

Join the 1000+ other professionals today

and find out how we can offer bespoke support for your business.

The best business support in the industry


Expert retail advice is delivered to you by a Membership Services team consisting of highly trained Business Development Consultants providing in-store support and dedicated Head Office staff.

Each Foremost Business Development Consultant has undergone extensive training in many aspects of golf management and is on hand to help with personal on-site training to make sure you are getting the most out of your business.

Areas of Expertise Include...

  • Marketing
  • Merchandising
  • Retail Initiatives
  • Store Layout
  • Signage & Ticketing
  • Purchasing & Stock Management
  • Club Relationship
  • Successful Retainer Negotiations
  • Staff Training & Development
  • Cashflows
  • P&L Projections
  • Great Customer Service

Professional Education

Foremost deliver a comprehensive education programme that covers a range of subjects to help you and your team in your daily lives. Education ranges from local Regional Workshops that cover specific subjects such as sales training and financial planning to National Spring Workshops that have broader subject content.

Best buying terms with the leading suppliers in the industry

With over 1000 professionals across the UK and Ireland, Foremost Golf has the power to secure you the BEST terms with the leading suppliers in the industry.

Approved Suppliers

Service Suppliers

Foremost is dedicated to supporting PGA Professionals who are so important to the Golfing Community. The Foremost strap line of ‘Good For Golf’ has been in place since the company was formed in 1984 and has never been more relevant. The PGA Professional inspires and encourages people to play this great game and invests their time, expertise and enthusiasm in supporting every aspect of their clubs and golf in general. They are truly ‘Good For Golf’ and we are proud to support them in their role.

Paul Hedges, CEO

Member Events

Throughout the year Foremost members have several opportunities to get together, whether it be to enjoy some competitive golf at one of our blue-ribbon Championships', recognising the achievements of fellow Pro's and suppliers at the prestigious Foremost Golf Industry Awards or furthering their business skills at a choice of leading educational events.

Group News


Foremost innovates again with online lesson booking system

As part of the latest series of developments to its Elite Marketing Programme (EMP), Foremost has launched its own online lesson booking system to enable its member professionals to efficiently manage their booking diary. read more


Foremost EMP attracts new suppliers with improved ladies' retail solution

Foremost has announced partnerships with two specialist ladies’ clothing brands, as the new suppliers look to take full advantage of the developments in Foremost’s Elite Marketing Programme (EMP). read more


Leading brands endorse Foremost’s EMP Premium Developments

Some of golf's top brands have given their ringing endorsement to Foremost's EMP Premium service developments, which will include more in-depth customer profiling. read more

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Membership Services

Leanne Spence - Membership Services Admin Manager
E: membership@foremostgolf.com T: +44 (0) 1753 218 891

The Office

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