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How to Maximise the Sales of Putters and Wedges

Stuart Kerr, Business Development Consultant, Foremost Golf (Scotland & Ireland) advises on how to sell more specialist short game equipment. Look to showcase your technology through your online channels Be the Experts It’s imperative that you and your team are fully up to date on the latest product launches that enter the ...

Converting Pro Shop Traffic to Increased Sales

Charles Hartley, Business Development Consultant North and Midlands, explains the importance of improving the consumer journey. The Car Park to Pro Shop Journey It’s a good idea to review your customer’s journey from the car park to pro shop. Is your shop easy to find? If not, is there signage offering ...


Maximising Iron & Driver Sales in 2022

Foremost Golf Business Development Consultant Manager, Ian Melham, has five different areas to support your hardware sales this season. Showcase your fitting proposition It’s absolutely essential that you market your offering across your digital platforms. Your proposition needs to be at the forefront of customers’ minds when they are in the ...


Maximising Shoe Sales in 2022

Foremost Golf Business Development Consultant, Charles Hartley, has six different areas to examine that will really improve your footwear sales over the upcoming season. Intelligent Buying and Replenishment Make use of your historical till data when buying to identify volume, key sizes and colours. This will give you the very best ...