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Titleist & FootJoy support Foremost members with new brand experience events

Foremost Golf partnered with Acushnet brands, Titleist and FootJoy to offer member professionals accompanied by a guest from their golf club a unique brand experience.

Golf ball education was a key part of the experianceGolf ball education was a key part of the experiance

The two events, held at Foxhills Golf Club in Surrey for pro’s located in the south of the UK and at Moortown Golf Club in Leeds for northern pro’s, gave the opportunity to receive in-depth brand education direct from Titleist and FootJoy product specialists and to get a close look at the latest product from each brand.

Foremost member Acushnet Partners were invited to attend this inaugural event and given the opportunity to each bring a guest or key influencer from their club. On arrival, they each received a Titleist and FootJoy goody bag and the days were split into a morning session which consisted of trial and education sessions, and afternoon golf, with breakfast, lunch and dinner provided.

The informative sessions consisted of a trial with the brand-new TSR driver range, performance footwear fitting, short-game experience, and ball fitting, each hosted in small groups by a Titleist or FootJoy product specialist. The sessions focused on the importance of fitting and role the pro plays supporting their customers across all of these categories.

The event at Foxhills even gave the pro’s guests the first consumer opportunity to trial the new TSR drivers ahead of the September product launch.

After the morning sessions of learning and development, the group put their game to the test out on the golf course with prizes for the best team score, longest drive and nearest the pin presented at the dinner, which capped a productive and informative day.

Stirling Golf Club Head Professional, Kenny Monaghan commented: “From start-to-finish, the day was great fun and very informative, so a massive thank you to everyone involved. Being able to bring a guest, a very good client of mine, was a great idea and together we got so much out of the day.

“The passion and knowledge on display from the Titleist and FootJoy teams was outstanding, and I think the setup of day and how it worked was fantastic.”

Jonathan Clewett, Head Professional at Langland Bay Golf Club, added: “I was thrilled to be invited to the day at Foxhills with Titleist, FootJoy and Foremost. The sessions really opened my customer’s eyes to everything that goes into the product and fitting experience and strengthened the relationship we have. The event was conducted in a very professional manner and it’s something I certainly value and appreciate the opportunity to be a part of.”

Driver and footwear fittings shared equal billing at the eventsDriver and footwear fittings shared equal billing at the events

Titleist Head of Sales, Spencer Manning commented: “This year marked a new collaboration between the Titleist/FJ brands and Foremost. The simple aim was to provide experiential opportunities to partners within the Foremost group. During the Spring, over 125 medal events were sponsored where each winner received 2dz Titleist balls and 3 FJ gloves of their choice. In September, we conducted two Titleist and FJ Brand experience events held at the fabulous Foxhills Country Club and Moortown Golf club. At both events a small number of Foremost professionals and guests were invited to experience Ball, Shoe, Wedge and TSR fitting sessions, ahead of playing golf in the afternoon with prizes for both professionals and guests.

Glyn Evans, FootJoy Field Sales Manager UK & Ireland, added: “The two experience events were a great success for us. Being able to promote shoe fitting direct to key retail professionals and highlight the additional benefits and comfort this delivers, while helping our partners provide the best service to their golfers, is invaluable.

“We‘ve had some very positive feedback from those who attended and I hope that our Foremost partners found the days to be educational and fun. Our commitment to education and equipping pros with the knowledge and information to deliver a great sales experience is something we place huge emphasis on and will continue as we look forward to a bright 2023.”

Chris Glenday, Foremost Golf, Head of Supplier Partnerships, added: “I would like to thank the teams at Titleist and FootJoy for putting together and hosting these well received events. It is testament to the long-term partnership the group have enjoyed with both brands that we can extend access to these opportunities for Foremost members and their important guests and look forward to extending their reach to more members with future events.”

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