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How the Pro Shop and golf club can work together for membership retention

Stuart Kerr

Stuart Kerr, Business Development Consultant at Foremost Golf, discusses the importance of the professional shop and golf club working together to optimise membership retention.

The first and most important point within this article is the word ‘TEAM’. The word ‘team’ can be broken down further into the following:

  • Together
  • Everyone
  • Achieves
  • More

It’s crucial that the professional shop and the golf club work together as a ‘TEAM’ to optimise member retention.


Stuart Kerr

First Impressions Last

The pro shop is often the first point of contact for members, guests and visitors at the golf club. Therefore, a friendly greeting upon arrival sets the tone for the whole experience at the club. In addition, a well merchandised retail environment will assist with that initial impression, achieving two things.

Firstly, your members will be proud to be associated with that golf club and will subsequently encourage their golfing companions to come and visit. Secondly, it provides the best opportunity to showcase a flavour of what guests and visitors would experience if they were to join the golf club.

Any golf professional who realises the importance of creating that first impression to elevate the experience will always go the extra mile and ensure their staff follow suit. This approach will have a positive effect on the retail business.

Professional Services

There is no other person within the golf club that can have the same impact on a member’s enjoyment than a PGA Professional. They bring tremendous value to the club and can assist a golfer’s performance through coaching and custom fitting. Fitting studios can be used to improve the game of multiple members, leading to more referrals for other members and a stronger connection between the membership and the club overall. Custom fitting studios lead members to play better golf, providing more enjoyment. This can only have a positive impact on member retention.

Creating the Digital Community

Communication on a regular basis is essential in the modern era. Keeping members informed retains that community feel and ensures that members do not look to play their golf elsewhere. Membership retention can be consolidated through proper use of digital marketing, keeping the membership informed with relevant member news and updates. Foremost services help the pro shop catch the attention of consumers through the following media: newsletters, social media posts and special mails, automated in-store video monitor content and displays. Professional signage displayed throughout the pro shop provides the tools to transform a spark of interest through to an educated purchase.

In addition, the pro shop should look to promote and support club events through these digital channels, ensuring key events at the club are well supported by members. Creating the digital community throughout the pro shop and golf club is an excellent strategy to keep golfers informed.


Member Loyalty: Integration and Enjoyment

Over the past eighteen months there is no doubt some golfers have been reconsidering their financial outgoings. Inclement weather is another contributing factor that means golfers may struggle to stay connected to their golf club throughout the off-season. When the pro shop and golf club work together, they can ensure that golf club memberships aren’t part of their financial cuts. The golf clubs that regularly host membership engagement events and go above and beyond to create that sense of community will help retain their members.

The pro shop and golf club can work together to help new members become integrated with the club from the outset, by organising new member events or by simply pairing them up with current members that share similar interests. Another great way of welcoming a new member to the club is sending them an introductory letter from the management team, showcasing the combined support of the pro shop and golf club and explaining the services that are available to them.

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