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Foremost members thrive with business gains during a wet winter

Foremost’s biennial EMP (Elite Marketing Programme) Customer Survey has helped member professionals to capitalise on business and retail opportunities through the winter months and into the new season.

The carefully designed survey is an added service to the EMP package providing access to a vast amount of up-to-date information on a detailed and relevant customer database. More than 40,000 golfers from across the group’s membership base replied to the group’s latest survey, providing unparalleled insights and opportunities for member professionals and EMP supplier partners alike. As the winter season was setting in, the survey results armed Foremost members with a deep dive on the preferences of their local customers for the typically leaner months ahead.

More than three quarters of total respondents said they were happy to be contacted off the back of the survey demonstrating the powerful connection that the Elite Marketing Programme helps Foremost member professionals to establish within their community. A crucial aspect of the survey is helping to start conversation and drive engagement with customers knowing that once a customer is integrated into a pro’s network, lessons feed retail opportunities and start the positive cycle towards a loyal and satisfied customer.

Turning customer data into retail sales for the pro

A key focus of the 2023 survey was to maximise the utilisation of data amongst the group’s EMP Premium professionals, helping members to begin new discussions. As such, automated follow-ups were sent out on behalf of the pro to each survey respondent who indicated an interest in, among other things, hardware upgrades, gapping and lessons. As a result, EMP member professionals are each being presented with an average of 82 directcustomer leads worth thousands of pounds to their business. When considering the fact that lessons and purchases often lead to repeat or multiple sales opportunities, it’s clear to see that the results of each members’ survey drives a large amount of business setting them up for the year.

Newport Golf Club Head Professional, Paul Thomas said: “Finding out that a rough estimate of potential sales opportunities generated from the EMP Customer Survey results was approximately £28K certainly got my attention! We have worked with Adam, our EMP Marketing Editor, to engage these customers which has led to increased sales and customer satisfaction.”

Chris Coles, from Saltford Golf Club, added: “I’ve reacted to my customer survey results straight away and I wasn’t aware on the potential money I could be missing out on. I am now looking forward to what 2024 holds for my business.”

3 out of 5 golfers buy from their pro

The data shows that at least three in every five golfers are buying from their trusted Foremost professional. In the previous three EMP Customer Surveys, this has proven to be a stable figure despite the prevalence of online shopping. Of those that shop elsewhere, 56% stated this was due to perceived lower pricing elsewhere. This figure underlines the importance of the pro and their position offering expert advice and professional services at the location where golfers play. It also suggests the need to embrace correctly, market and promote the services a pro offers to their golfers.

Positive trend in golfers who have custom fitted clubs

Over the past three surveys, Foremost has observed a steady increase in the percentage of golfers now using custom fit equipment. In 2019, 59% of golfers were custom fitted and now in 2023, almost 65% fall into that category. This figure suggests the continued importance the group places on custom fitting through their services is making a difference and more golfers are trusting their professional to help them find the right equipment for their individual game.

38% of golfers admitted to not knowing how far they hit their clubs

Of these players who were not aware of their yardages 55% showed interest in finding out in a gapping session with their pro. One of the automated follow ups on behalf of the pro, the interest shown by the golfer led to an invite via email to come in for a gapping session. Helping golfers understand their games and showing them the opportunities to invest and improve plays a big role in generating custom fitting sales opportunities.

7,282 golfers who haven’t had a lesson in the past two years interested in booking

A large amount of untapped potential sits with golfers who don’t regularly or haven’t ever received lessons with a member of the pro team. Any golfer who hasn’t had a lesson in the last two years was then asked, “would you be interested in receiving a lesson?” 7,282 customers said they were interested and received an automatic email inviting them to come down to the shop and discuss the range of coaching options.

In addition to identifying primed sales opportunities, Foremost’s survey results yield insights that help members shape their strategy and make decisions for the season ahead. Commenting on the impact of the survey, Foremost Head of Supplier Partnerships, Chris Glenday said: “The EMP Customer Survey results contains a mountain of valuable insights that our members have been using to maximise their sales throughout the winter. We have continued to refine the questions and automated follow up process to help set Foremost pros up for success and give them a foot up in the quieter sales months.

“Once you have this information available, its crucial to act and take full advantage which is exactly what we are supporting across the group with. In addition, our EMP support team do a fantastic job following through with one-to-one sessions which help pros find further opportunities and insights within their survey results.”


Delivering this in-depth information has helped Foremost professionals get ahead in the wet winter seen across the UK. It has also helped shed light on more information that highlights the real trends occurring in the market on a macro and micro level in the new year for members and suppliers.

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