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Ensuring your golf ball display keeps selling even when you're not in the shop


Ian Melham, Head of Membership Services at Foremost Golf provides eight key retailing tips which will help you increase your in-store golf ball sales in 2024 and beyond.

Clear store proposition – ball plinth displays

Ball Plinths are a highly effective way to merchandise your ball proposition to customers. These are designed to be set up in front of the counter and as a result are working in a primary selling space within your store. Due to their stock holding design they provide the customer with choice and the sense of convenience to self-serve. Foremost members have seen exceptional sales performance over the years with their ball plinth concept. They are the ultimate silent salesperson.


When done well, ticketing ultimately drives sales. The combination of effective ticketing and well stocked ball plinths can only have a positive impact on your ball sales. Ticketing should act like another member of staff allowing much easier self-service, especially during busy times. It’s essential that you look to include a multi-buy ticket type in your offering. This will give you the opportunity to sell multiple dozens whilst reinforcing the desired perception of value. Our 2023 Customer survey showed that 77% of Foremost member customers buy golf balls in dozens or multi-dozens. This highlights that it’s never been more important to promote your offering. The multi-dozen ticket type is available to Foremost members within in ForeTickIT, our industry leading ticketing platform.

Ball plinths are an extremely effective way to merchandise your ball proposition

Are you losing money? Display maintenance

You wouldn’t ever run out of beans for your coffee machine. The best retailers manage and maintain their displays all the way through the season. We sometimes see shops that look as though they might have been raided mid-season. The section shouldn’t only be perfect at the start, but throughout the year. These aren’t one-off processes. Once you’ve created a powerful sales section make sure you maintain it. Why not delegate this stock section to a member of your team who can maintain display levels, re-order when necessary, and adjust pricing and ticketing to maximise sales.

Marketing and showcasing value

There should be no reason why a club member or a frequent visitor is buying golf balls online or from high street stores. It happens because they perceive these stores to be better value than their local professional shop and are tempted into deals. Therefore, in addition to your ticketing it’s imperative that you market the value you can offer on golf balls through both your digital and in-store marketing channels.

Secondary displays for busier times

Foremost Professionals have the ability to showcase their multi-buy offering and value even further during certain points of the year through their EMP Entrance Hot Spot. The hot spot works at the front of the store where there is a high traffic flow. This is another great way to display and sell golf balls in dozens whilst helping squash the myth that professional shops are more expensive than the off-course retailers.

Demonstrate your value by offering multi-dozen pricing

Promote your expertise

Like any product or service as a retailer it’s important that you communicate your expertise and point of difference over your competition. A great way to do this would be to conduct a golf ball review on video. This could provide you with an opportunity to educate your customers on the different types of golf balls and the importance of golf ball fitting.

Staff product and sales training

Ensuring all your staff have product knowledge on your ball ranges is essential. Knowledge breeds confidence, which in turn breeds sales. Basic sales training on your golf ball proposition makes all the difference. Are the correct questions being asked to deliver value to the customer and high levels of service from your operation?

Utilise additional displays during busier times to showcase your value

Ball fitting events

Golfers are far more likely to spend money when attending an event appointment. Ball fitting events provide an excellent way to provide advice whilst gaining a better understanding of your customers game and golfing background.

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