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Foremost’s Online Lesson Booking System goes from strength to strength

Ever since Foremost introduced its Online Lesson Booking System at the beginning of 2019, the group has seen increasing numbers of members making the switch to use the platform. More than 200 member professionals are now using the group’s intuitive solution to provide a streamlined and efficient solution to their customers.

Online Lesson Booking System

Free-of-charge to EMP Premium subscribers, it enables pros to manage all their bookings through one easy-to-use online platform; co-ordinating lesson bookings, fittings, brand days and events to maximise attendance.

Taking the booking process online makes it more efficient and saves professionals time, as instant visibility of lesson availability and access to a simple booking procedure for users negates the need for lengthy text or WhatsApp exchanges. “Foremost makes life easy for me, but then it also makes life easy for my customers. It’s straightforward to use and you’ve got help all the time with anything you may want,” commented Graham Drabble, Club Professional at Romiley Golf Club.

The booking system is continually promoted to potential customers through the professional’s existing EMP digital marketing communications proactively recruiting sales and helping them drive revenue without lifting a finger.

System benefits

A professional and his shop may only be open for so many hours of the day, but as Hockley Head Professional, Gary Stubbington has seen, with an effective online system in place the pro can essentially be open for taking bookings 24/7. “It’s been a game-changer for us to have the online lesson booking system because we’re open 24 hours a day. It’s amazing when you see the times that people have booked a lesson. To be able to set it up, switch it on and its live, was fantastic.”

The system also sends customers an automated booking confirmation, as well as a reminder 24 hours before the booking, which helps to reduce the number of no-shows, saving pros wasted time and lost revenue.

For a modern-day golf pro, like Ewan Grimes at Hilton Park Golf Club, the multitude of uses has been an ideal way to manage all of his bookings. “I’ve got all my tuition, playing lessons, custom fitting, gapping sessions and packages in the system. It’s a one-stop-shop for online teaching,” said Grimes.

A huge benefit for member professionals and suppliers alike, the online system helps pro’s by reaching out to their customer database when fitting days or events are launched, when they need to fill spaces or when they are almost full up allowing pro’s to efficiently monitor these sessions and manage relationships with suppliers.

Fitting proposition

Making the switch to a new booking diary system can be a daunting prospect for many professionals who might believe they never have the time to make a change, but for members, Chris Steele at Minchinhampton Golf Club and Rob Leonard at Harpenden Common Golf Club, the process was much easier than anticipated.

“The handholding to get everything set up was so much more simple than I thought it would be and two years into it, it works a treat and all the coaches love it,” said Steele. “The online diary is accessible anywhere and it links so easily,” adds Leonard. “I actually had to listen to my younger employees who were telling me to make the switch. I relied on my paper diary but at the start of the season they threw it out and I had to embrace the online system. If anyone’s sitting on the fence, I would definitely recommend it.”

Foremost takes care of the sophisticated backend system from its company headquarters, allowing retailers to focus on what they do best by providing a great lesson or fitting to follow the enhanced online customer experience. The system provides a reporting portal, which works as a vital tool in the pro’s armoury, allowing them to track bookings and customers. This acts as a prompt to follow up with customers who haven’t had a lesson for a while, promoting good retention of customers and repeat bookings.

Gary Allum, EMP Team Manager at Foremost, commented: “Making the booking process smoother for their customers has allowed our members to deliver a superior level of customer service at the same time as increasing revenue from bookings and efficiently managing their time.
“I’m delighted that so many of our members are choosing to work with our service, we have seen it greatly benefit their businesses over the last few years.”

For more information on how Foremost can assist you and your business in 2022 simply email or call 01753 218 890

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